Monthly Sky gazing program

Monthly overnight sky gazing programs for sky lovers are arranged by Sanshodhan and Khagol Vishwa at Jawan village near Tikona fort (around 40 km from Pune). Dark sky at Jawan allows us to see arms of milky way galaxy with naked eyes. Advanced Telescope setup (4 to 11 inch diameters) is arranged for observation of planets, galaxies, clusters and nebulae. Informative lectures with films and slides would enhances your knowledge about Universe and Astronomy.


Science Workshops for School and college students

To raise interest about nature and science, one day workshops or short courses are arranged for school and college students. These workshops are also arranged with request from groups and companies. Workshops are arranged on following topics – 1) Introduction to Astronomy and Night Sky including Sky gazing 2) Introduction to Biodiversity including Nature trail 3) Introduction to weather 4) Introduction to Space Science and ISRO 5) Introduction to Science communication

Workshops includes Lectures with films and slides, Hands on activities and actual observations of nature using different scientific instruments.


Science and Educational Tours

Science is fun when it is taught outside the classrooms. Sanshodhan arrange such Fun Science tours across India. Tours are arranged during specific occasions like National Science Day, Solar Eclipse or any Astronomical events or as per requests from Schools or Colleges. Tours are guided by Experts in different scientific fields. Here are some exciting Science Tours arranged by Sanshodhan –

  • Satellite Launch from Shriharikota
  • ISRO’s Space Museum and Sounding rocket launch from Trivandrum.
  • Visit to Science Institutions around Pune
  • National Science Day tour on 28 February at GMRT Science Exhibition
  • Monsoon Science Tour
  • Sahyadri Nature tour in Western Ghats
  • Lonar: Meteoritic Impact Crater and Natural, Cultural Heritage
  • Bhigwan: Migratory Birds
  • Observatories of India: Visit to Astronomical and Weather observatories
  • Coastal India: Natural and Cultural features of East and West coast of India
  • Solar Eclipse Tour at Centre line of the Eclipse
  • Archaeological Heritage of India: Neolithic, Harappan and Post Harappan sites, Heritage Museums


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